Fable Discussion

I am somewhat of a fan of the Fable series of RPGs. Although like several people, I do have gripes and ideas for things that are wrong and could stand to be added or changed. One is if they WERE to put out a fourth chapter I would like to break away from tradition and be like KOTOR II in the idea that you play as a nobody who goes and makes your own mark on the world, your own story and etc. Not being a descendant of a world altering bloodline who is destined to be a hero, you can work your way up to a bandit king like Twin Blade or a mercenary or adventurer for hire (which I guess you kind of were in the first) or set out to be a Luke Skywalker hero of justice or what have you. Also like KOTOR II I would like for gold to be LESS important, and be able to make your own bad ass weapons while still getting to hunt down legendary weapons and other loot. I would also like for our actions to actually show as altering the world like they said about the last two games and the newer third one coming out. As actually seeing things begin to change as we go along in time, like real time. Not over several years through plot things like the Spire in Fable 2. Please leave me your comments and thoughts about the matter, I would like to hear them.


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2 Responses to Fable Discussion

  1. Shinji says:

    I agree, I think they kinda messed the game up with no menus (which is supposed to make it more convenient but almost does the opposite in my opinion) and the choices are all glaringly obvious. I liked how in Dragon Age you never know what might happen just from one seemingly unimportant choice in dialogue, it keeps things fresh, not just like, you’re completely good, or you’re completely evil.

    • shinjisama says:

      Another thing I really didn’t like that much about Fable II was the job system. It really slowed the game down and drug things out. One thing I liked about KOTOR II was that you were able to collect stuff without having to make money to make good weapons and gear. I know the Hero’s Guild is gone in the sequels, but still you could make a Snickers commercial with clips of the occupation segments in Fable II. I’ve heard good things bout Fable III so far, and really want to get my hands on that game. But I think it’s biggest downfall and fault is the hype Peter Moluyvax or whatever and Lion’s Head put on the game. It’s hardly the greatest RPG of all time or anything, like they made it out to be.

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