Disney Sequels

Hey I’m back with a new blog. Marzgurl has put her first post introducing DisneyToon Studios Month. In it she talked about the lame sequels, and I don’t know if she or someone else is planning on doing something about them or not, or already has; but I watched Simba’s Pride earlier on a week or so ago and couldn’t help but notice that the entire movie is basically a plot hole and decided to discuss not only LKII but some of the other Disney sequels as well. So “LET’S A-GO!”

Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

Okay, first things first. The plot: The movie’s premise is centered around The Outsiders (no, not the WCW wrestling faction) a group of lionesses lead by the batshit insane Sierra, who seem to worship Scar, the antagonist from the first film. My biggest complaint about this is — WHY!? Why would anyone believe in Scar so much to the point of breaking away from the pride and wish to dethrone Simba, could that many lionesses be gullible, stupid, or insane enough to follow him? He not only murdered their original wise and just king, but also admitted to it later, allowed the hyenas to turn their home into a wasteland, and sentenced them to death by not allowing them to leave for greener pastures. And then he was stupid enough to blame the hyenas who later killed him for turning on them. One possible explanation or idea that I might be willing to accept would be that they were literally outsiders lionesses who came from another ruined pride that were jealous of the pride land’s prosperity and wanted it for themselves. But THEN they wouldn’t know who Scar WAS. Next, even if Sierra was insane enough to think that Scar was better suited as king then Simba, how could the others be weak willed or whatever enough to follow HER? It really makes no sense considering things that are well established in the first film. But if, and this is a BIG if, you are able to overlook that, then this film isn’t too terrible and is pretty much harmless. Most of the original voice actors are back- Matthew “That’s a lot of fish” Broderick, Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, and the actor for Rafiki. James Mardsen and the actress for Kiarra aren’t that bad either. Andy Dick as Kovu’s brother is overlook-able, and maybe the humor isn’t as good as it was with Timon and Pummba as it was in the first film but it’s nice to see they were smart enough to get the same actors for the core characters once again, One of the many things that turn me off of sequels is not having the actors I was acquainted with and like seeing again. Overall I would give it 2/12 to 3 Pummba fart jokes out of 5. Next time will be Cinderella II and III. (shudder)


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One Response to Disney Sequels

  1. Lotus Prince says:

    I generally dislike sequels, and I’m glad I haven’t seen this one. Continuity errors abound, but it’s cool to see that the original voice actors made it back.

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